Clean, safe, and delivered right to your door, propane is the perfect energy source for your home, farm, and business. We’ve invested in storage capacity, so you can count on CFS to keep you supplied year round—even when others can’t. And all of our propane products and programs come with our legendary commitment to customer service.

We offer:

  • LP for homes, grain dryers, and livestock facilities.
  • Bulk propane contracting programs.
  • Budget Pay program for home heating, which enables you to divide your annual bill into equal monthly payments.
  • Automatic withdrawals from your checking account to save checks.
  • Winter Prepay program for home heating.
  • LP tank leasing.
  • Summer-fill program.
  • LP system safety checks.
LP Home Heat Contract 


Propane Delivery Drivers

Propane Driver - Mapleton
Agronomy Operations/Applicator/Propane Driver - Kenyon
Propane Driver - Blooming Prairie
Propane Driver - Ellendale
Propane Driver - Northfield
Propane Driver - Wells
Propane Driver - Bricelyn
Propane Driver - Delavan
Propane Driver - Truman
Custom Applicator/Propane Driver - Kenyon
Propane Utilities/Driver - Mapleton
Propane Driver - St. James
Propane Driver - Northfield
Propane Driver - Delavan
Propane Driver - Northfield
Propane Driver - Truman

Propane Service Technicians

Propane Service Tech - Owatonna
Propane Service Tech - Owatonna