Livestock Price Protection Service

What Is Our Livestock Price Protection Service (LPPS)?

Livestock Price Protection Service (LPPS) is an innovative marketing and risk management service that provides a support system of education, communication, and structured programs. Our goal is to assist you in managing your livestock needs.

What makes LPPS unique? First, you’ll have a dedicated advisor watching the markets with your specific marketing objectives in mind. They are always ready to assist you in hedging your livestock and locking in your feed costs. Second, that advisor is local, not sitting behind a desk in Chicago. As a result, they have an in-depth understanding of area markets and packers, as well as a firm handle on the national and world picture. Finally, all of our advisors have production experience, so they understand your world. That’s a huge advantage when they’re working with you to determine break-evens and marketing strategies.

Participating in LPPS
Participating in LPPS is a simple process. All you need to do is sit down with your CFS salesperson or marketing advisor and complete our customer fact sheet. To learn more about LPPS program benefits and costs, refer to the LPPS Fact Sheet or get in touch with LPPS advisor Patti Uhrich or any member of our feed sales team.

Disclaimer – The risk of loss in trading commodities can be substantial. NFA rules require us to advise you that past performance is not indicative of future results and there is no guarantee that your trading experience will be similar to past performance.

CFS LPPS Advisor

Patti Uhrich
507-553-3141 (Office)
507-380-6208 (Cell)

Feed Sales Team:

Beef Feed Specialist
Swine Livestock Production Specialist
Swine Livestock Production Specialist