Getting calves started off right, and keeping them growing, is our goal. We’ve got the products, services, and staff to help you do just that.

Milk Replacer Products Offered

If you are interested in holding a milk replacer trial, please contact one of our cattle specialists and we will work something out with you!

Here’s what we offer:

Starter and Grower Feeds


Mix your own on farm or have us create your custom mix

Amplicalf Starter Pellet B150 w/WSC
Intense Calf WSC Mixer B130 w/WSC


Amplicalf Starter 20 B60
Amplicalf Starter 22 B60


Amplicalf Grower Complete
Amplicalf Grower Mixer Pellet

Calf Care Products
Please contact our dairy or beef specialists with any questions you may have!