From a CEO's Perspective

Field Technology Days and Central Advantage 

As this blog is being put together we have Field Technology Days going on at FarmAmerica in Waseca. This event provides an opportunity for producers to gain information on precision agricultural and growing sustainably.  The event included a local grower panel, live drone demonstrations, equipment, and a technology theater featuring some the latest technology in the Ag sector. The weather was about perfect for this outdoor event with many producers and hundreds of students from the area community colleges participating and learning from our Central Advantage team and our partner experts.  

One of the things we have learned over the last several years is that producers value the technology we have access to and provide. We introduce new technology, help them understand it, show them how to use it, and what the information gained means. We have also learned that we can demonstrate real earnings and savings for producers who utilize this technology. Technology got its feet on the ground when commodity prices were high. However, it remains a valuable and highly used tool even when commodity prices have fallen drastically. This broad statement, in general, tells me that our producers are extracting value out of this technology and it is likely to continue for the next several years. Companies who can access the technology and data and put it in a useful form and those producers who use the technology and data in this useful form provided will be the ones who are successful. This is a constantly evolving business model.  CFS and our producers need to change how we currently do business to progress with the new technologies and trends.