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Your Variety has Implications on Plant Health and ROI

Should you apply a fungicide this year? If we had a time machine to find out what the future holds, it would be easy to make that call today. Since that’s impossible, our best advice is to use data and common sense to determine the best course of action to protect plant health.

Use Variety Data to Help with Your Decision

Each year, WinField United tests 240 hybrids across seed brands to determine response-to-fungicide (RTF) scores. Unlike most seed guides, which base disease ratings on visual observations, Answer Plot data is used to calculate the potential yield response of a fungicide application by hybrid. The trials are replicated more than 200 times to account for different growing conditions and geographies.


Data For 100 RM and Under

Fungicide Cost: $30.00

Corn Price: $3.50


RTF Averages

LOW - 4.3 bu/ac ($14.95)

MOD - 11.97 bu/ac $11.90

HIGH - 17.73 bu/ac $32.06


This shows that your variety matters when it comes to ROI on a fungicide application.  Below is RTF scores for popular varieties for CFS growers.


3909 – High

4199 – Moderate

4079 – High



46-36 – Low

49-72 - High

51-38 - Moderate

52-84 – High

53-56 – High

54-38 – Moderate

58-06 – Low


If interested, we have more local data on RTF scores and fungicide application results.  Contact your local Central Farm Service or Central Advantage Representative to see which hybrids show a better ROI.